If you've been playing PoE for a while now, you are probably already familiar with the concept of currency items, such as exalted orbs. These items are used in a wide variety of ways: some of them enhance your items with additional modifiers and some allow you to “re-roll” the modifiers on an item.

Chaos Orb can reforge a rare item with new random modifiers. Chaos Orb Chaos Orb is a great useful currency in Path of Exile. The most common usage includes crafting and exchange currency. Chaos Orbs are very useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers (and the number of modifiers) on a rare item. This makes for unpredictable results, so getting a specific modifier is not easy. Using multiple Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs on a piece of equipment in the hopes of getting at least a few good modifiers is called ‘Chaos spamming’. These orbs also play an important role in trading. They are the “silver standard” in the player-driven economy and are often used to buy low to mid-tier items.

Farm chaos orbs from the azurite mine

In the azurite mine we get a lot of chaos orb as drop. it is most effective when we control hollows with the chaos orb as an icon. that is where we mainly get currency items. but we also get occasional chaos orbs as random drop in the other cavities. we often find them in the hidden treasures in the dark or in the vaal outposts. the azurite mine is generally a very good source for farming all currency items. how best to cope there, we explain in our path of exile azurite mine guide.

Farm divination cards to get chaos orb

we receive different numbers of chaos orbs by exchanging them for certain divination cards. we can do this at tasuni in the highgate (act 4 & 9). these divination cards are traded through trading platforms such as poe.trade or the official poe site and are worth more than you get by swapping the card.

Boost Your Damage

The more mobs you can kill at once, the better chances you have of getting the item drop you're after. Therefore you should concentrate on high-damage skills and area-of-effect (AOE) skills to maximise your damage output and ensure you get your kills. Tackle mobs en masse and use your strongest AOE skills. Curse gems are entirely AOE; use them to your advantage.

Be careful not to become overrun with too many mobs during this stage. If your Defense is not up to par, you will be knocked out and this will set you back in your farming journey.

Watch Your Level

There exists a currency penalty in all PoE zones based on your character's level. If you have a level difference greater than 2 from the level of the area, you receive a penalty of 2.5% for every level after 2. For example: In a level 60 area a level 63 character will experience a 2.5% penalty.

However, take note that the penalty does not carry on in zones higher than level 66. In a level 72 character in a 60 zone will therefore only receive a 10% penalty, the same as a level 66 character.

Farm Silver Coins

Silver coins are an underestimated source of orbs. Orbs tend to trade for 9 or 10 silver coins. This is applicable to all characters and is therefore accessible for those at lower levels who perhaps can't manage to grind higher level maps.

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